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Jul 31

"Healthy" Sunday lunch..

Disclaimer: The title may be a bit deceiving..

I believe that you may live healthier when you consume food and drink in moderation.

Let’s say you eat fruits. Yes, they are healthy. But imagine eating fruits for every meal of the day for 7 days a week or 30 days a month. You may get sick of it or…ok, I never try to eat fruits 3x in a day for 7 days a week, so I don’t know what may happen. 

Other example, let’s say you drink water. Water is good. Experts recommend you drink 8 glasses of water in each day. But if you drink too much water, you will be bloated. And no, bloated is definitely not a good feeling. Right?

So yeah, since I am in the mood of eating in moderation. So I started my lunch by eating a bowl of cut pear and agar. Wait, is agar healthy? I am not sure but since they are made from algae so they should be at least..not fattening? It may depend on the sugar level mixed in though.

Since I have my healthy portion, so I can eat something a bit sinful to balance it off, right? So I resort to this…

This cake is called Chocolate Indulgence. Bought it from Secret Recipe. Taste heavenly.

May not be the healthiest option in the world but (see the moderation rule above?) I don’t think it will do a lot of damage if you only eat 1 slice (unless you are diabetic). 

Omg, damn yummy!!! Like! Like! Like!

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